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Level Up
Informal — phrasal verb with level /ˈlev.əl/

To go to a higher level or standard.

Advance one's character to the next level of development.

Specialized: Role Playing Video Games to gain enough points in a video game to enable a player or character to go up to a higher level, gaining more skills or strength.

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Ashley is an Experienced Yoga Teacher and Fitness Coach. Ashley is inspired by traditional yoga practice and grounded in modern movement science. She teaches public and private yoga classes, and provides one-on-one personal training.

She believes the yoga mindset cultivates physical and mental development helping practitioners to become the best version of themselves - leveling up.

Ashley starts with each client by clearly identifying S.M.A.R.T. body-positive goals and identifying the best path to get you there. There are no cookie-cutter solutions, so every client's session will be different but will likely include some or all of Ashley’s specialties/favorites:



HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training)

Olympic Weight Lifting

SMR (Self Myofascial Release)

Functional Movement

Corrective Exercise

Mindfulness Meditation

Ashley has been practicing yoga for over a decade and is an experienced (over 1000 yoga hours taught) Registered Yoga Teacher through Yoga Alliance. Ashley primarily teaches Hatha and Hatha-Flow based Yoga, though she also has experience in Anusara, Ashtanga, Bikram, Yin, and Vinyasa.

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Sessions are unique to client goals but typically include a mix of weightlifting and (not soul crushing) cardio as well as time for troubleshooting nutrition and adjusting form for home workouts.

$90.     60-75 minutes.



These sessions are done more with the intention of teaching and setting you up for success to work on your own.

For example: 2x a week for 2-3 weeks to become confident with form and overcome the usual resistance to starting a new habit. Then 1-3 weeks or even months on your own! You can execute the programming alone for as long as you like then we update the plan accordingly with either another round of Intensive In Person Start Ups OR Primarily Online Training.

$150.     90-120 minutes.

Gym Equipments


Available only to clients who have already done the initial in-person (or Zoom) sessions.

This option is to ensure a timely response to "Oh shit" text messages like these:

  • "My knee hurts here (picture) when I do this (quick, nbd, low quality, no make up necessary video from you).

  • Why isn't my stomach flat yet?!

  • Are my arms getting too big?!

  • Crap I ate 2000 calories of chips today, what do I do now?

  • I never want to do jump squats again, please change this one part of workout.

$25 a month.

Barbell and Kettlebell Weights


This option is for those not meeting on a regular basis. After we have done In-Person Startup and we both feel confident about your abilities, if you'd like me to rewrite your plan, it's $40 per day/plan. This is usually weeks or months after the first time it's written up. That means if you work out 4 days a week and have 4 different workouts written, I'll update all four ($160) to be brand new workouts specifically designed to achieve your goals. You'll also receive instructional videos for each circuit so you have something to reference as you workout!

$40 per day/plan.

Gym Equipments


Life happens - if you're sick, don't come see me! Childcare abruptly fell off? No big deal! I'm not a monster, I can be flexible. This is just to keep me in business and to keep you focused!

First cancellation each month is free, additional cancellations are $45 per session.

Workout Lesson
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I wanted a trainer that would be tough (but not too tough) and compassionate. Ashley is definitely the perfect mix of supportive and encouraging. She is very body positive and never makes me feel bad about myself.

Whitney E.

Ashley is a gifted yoga instructor and an all around amazing fitness coach. She's patient, inspiring and funny as a bonus. Highly recommend her!

Karin T.

Ashley is very knowledgeable of the human body: she will tell you exactly which muscles you will have to strengthen for certain poses. She manages to bring out the best in you while being very mindful towards your body in order not to get hurt.

Christine L.

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